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Today, I thought it would be a good idea to ride a hoverboard WHILE holding a glass of white russian, bowl of doritoes AND trying to ride over an extension cord….

Fast forward…

I’m on my back doritoes everywhere, drenched in white russian and 9 year old daughter laughing hysterically.


Family branch?

Just had a long convo with my dad about the struggles our family has with building out our family tree.

Turns out a lot of my ancestors were farmers and slaves and moved around quite a bit. The natural problem here is the lack of records kept and inability to find information on my people. A lot of word of mouth, rumors and urban legends fill the loosely placed placeholders on our tree. Name changes, moves, adulterers and family feuds complicate things even more.

I havent been too involved in the genealogy of our family up to this point because I tend to avoid things that I know will frustrate me. But in talkin with my dad today I think it’s time to step up and give a hand in the research.

It’s tough. So many questions. Very few answers. Lots of frustration.