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I Remember..

I woke up late. I was up late the night before drinking and listening to music with my fellow Marines which was pretty typical for a young Marine Lance Corporal in the barracks at 9th Communications Battalion at Camp Pendleton California. My roommate had already left and I realized I was running late and we had formation that morning.

I throw on my uniform, race downstairs hop in my car and race to the shop. I wasn’t listening to the radio. I was probably listening to Country Grammar by Nelly or something.

I get to the parking lot, hop out of my car and before I can even make it all the way out of my vehicle one of my fellow Marines starts screaming at me, “Stewart, Stewart, did you hear what happened?”I had no idea what they were talking about. I sprint to the shop and everybody is huddled around the small TV we had in the shop.

We were looking at the news and all I remember seeing was a bunch of smoke coming out of the twin towers. At that moment, I knew that everything was going to be different. I knew everything was going to change.

Some of the Marines in the group we’re super fired up and amped up and ready to go fight. A lot of us were in shock and speechless and didn’t know what to say. Fast forward a few months and I was on my way out to the Middle East. I will never forget that day I remember like it was yesterday.

I remember. Lets hear your story.


📝😐😐This just happened tonight😐😐📝

Stay with me…It’s after midnight. Right now, I’m the only that has to be up early in the morning. So I try and get to bed at a decent time. Everyone else goes to bed pretty much whenever. #covidlife

I make my rounds saying good night 😴 and start 👣 toward the bedroom and my 2nd oldest daughter is following me. I look at her sided-eyed trying to figure out what she is doing. We get to the threshold of the door🚪and stop. So I’m standing there on the inside of the room and her on the outside of the room and I’m like ”ok goodnite.” She is 🤣 and giggling and says good night. I begin to close the door and she grabs the doorknob and continues to close the🚪

I turn off the light 💡 and turn my back to walk toward the bed 🛏️. As I am doing this Madelyn apparently didn’t actually close the door but instead slid into the room while my back was turned and stood in the corner. I put my📱on the nightstand as my eyes begin to adjust to the darkness. I glance at the corner she is in and freeze. My 👀 are still adjusting and it just looked like a small blob!

I say ”Madelyn, that you?” she doesn’t say anything but starts doing that thing that those tall person balloon things on the side of the road do, waving their arms, and wobbling around. My 👀’s continue to adjust and all I am making out is a small blob moving around.

I actually start to freak out. 😳 Remember, Madelyn and the 💡 switch are by the door. I start walking towards the 💡 switch and also toward Madelyn aka ”the scary blob wobbling.”

Right before I turn on the light switch I hear a scream that I recognized to be Madelyn’s. I hit the switch and look to that corner and she is balled up on the ground looking to be either laughing really hard or crying really hard. You know that point when your mouth is wide open and no sound is coming out? Yea she was doing that.

I am so confused. Tears start runnin down her face and I start to get concerned for her and now I am seriously wondering wtf just happened?!? She continues to laugh and cry at the same time.

She starts to gather herself and says ”Daddy I get really freaked out when it’s dark and someone is walking toward me. EVEN IF I KNOW EXACTLY WHO IT IS.” 😦

The tears on her face are streaming down. I say, ”What??” She repeats the same thing saying I get really scared I don’t know why, you can even ask Kassidy that it really really freaks me out.

I say, ”You Mean to tell me that you came in here trying to scare me but when I actually get scared and go to turn on the light you get scared back? So we basically scared the crap out of each other.”

We both take a long look at each other…. and just bust out 🤣 😂🤣.

Moral of the story? Keep your weaknesses in mind when planning an attack. That and..if you are an easily scared person..stick to defense instead of offense.

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